Our mission is to teach the visual language and the skills essential to developing and expressing a personal vision.


Our commitment is to provide an environment that affords one-on-one instruction, mentoring opportunities, and shared learning among students and instructors.


Our programs invite informed discourse and debate in the form of guest speakers, visiting artists, open critiques, lectures, and collaborations with other arts and cultural institutions.


Our community brings faculty, students, atelier artists and alumni together with a common purpose to expand our knowledge and deepen our inquiry of the visual arts.


  • To teach skills of observation, critical analysis, and material techniques;
  • To encourage the use of these skills and techniques in expressing a personal vision through work that is made by the artist’s hand;
  • To provide a warm and engaging environment for artists at every stage of their development and career;
  • To be a focal point for artists, critics, and art historians who maintain the living tradition of studio art; and
  • To communicate the importance and continuing relevance of studio-based art.


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