Teaching Approach

IMG_5706Washington Studio School (WSS), founded in 1985 through the efforts of Lee Newman and Joey Kossow, is a community of artists and students dedicated to the standards of a perceptual fine arts tradition and its relevance to the present. WSS faculty members are all practicing artists with strong academic credentials. They share the philosophy that through learning to observe life, to translate the visual through a comprehensive understanding of drawing, painting and sculpture skills, gives the artist a thorough foundation. Concepts, techniques, visual language, and art history are reinforced in every course, and are enhanced by the unique mentoring of the instructor.  Pictorial examples, in-class demonstrations, and group critiques are employed to advance a student’s understanding of the components of visual elements, ideas, and composition.

WSS offers three terms per year with a number of weeks for intensive workshop and study during the summer months. Our certificate Program provides students with a structured course of study designed to advance a student’s ability, comprehension, and appreciation of the labor of art. The certificate may be used for future educational endeavors, teaching, and continuing education requirements.


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