Work Study at Washington Studio School

What is Work Study?

Washington Studio School values the many resources our students offer our program.  To maximize the opportunity to benefit from the rich talents within our school, we provide a limited number of work study opportunities each semester.  In exchange for valued support to the School, we offer to defray up to one half of the fee for one course per semester, depending on students’ availability and the type of work they undertake. The work study activities and the number of hours of service requested depend on the School’s changing needs and on the students’ interests, talents, and availability.

What are some of the opportunities for work-study students? 

Each term, WSS staff will list the opportunities and activities for which assistance is needed. We will make this list available at or about the time that the new term’s course schedule is posted. Examples of work-study activities are listed below in the priority order of the School’s needs.

Administrative Support

Activities eligible for up to half of course fee reduction, depending on students’ hours of availability include:

  • General administrative support (answering phones, filing, data base maintenance, student assistance)
  • Gallery sitting (answering phones, greeting people at the front desk, mailings, organizing gallery space, tours)
  • Web development/maintenance (running monthly web statistics; updating web site (Word Press proficiency needed); using digital camera, photo editing and Photoshop
  • Facilities maintenance – routine (weekly), including changing light blubs, weeding, watering plants, taking out the trash, restocking bathrooms; monthly maintenance of the air conditioning filters and de-clogging on classroom sinks

Special Projects

Activities eligible for various levels of fee reduction, depending on specializations and time availability include:

  • Publicity and writing, newsletter writing, postcard and brochure design
  • Social media:  Maintaining Facebook, posting on-line events, other social media outreach
  • Exhibition: Setup and breakdown of shows; setup and serve as reception host; reception breakdown and cleanup
  • Planning/developing/helping to conduct gallery shows and special events
  • Facilities maintenance – technical (project-specific), including painting, carpentry, repairs

Procedures and Purposes

The Studio School will make available information about the work-study opportunities it is seeking to fill at about the same time that it issues the course schedule each semester. Interested students should review this list and complete a work-study application, indicating the activities they would be interested in undertaking.  Priority will be given to students who are experienced in these activities and/or have special skills that support WSS’s changing talent needs.

The WSS office must receive work study applications each term AT LEAST three weeks before each term’s open registration.  (Applications are accepted when the course catalogue is available and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until openings are filled.)

The Operations Committee will review applications to determine the match between our program and support needs and the skills students offer. The Committee will identify students whose skills, interests, and availability are the best match. Each semester, we will confirm work study assignments before the open registration date so that work-study students know how much course tuition can be defrayed. Depending on needs, we may add work-study opportunities after the open registration period.

The Work Study Process

Once selected, work-study students will meet with a designated project manager to discuss their jobs, their time availability, and the procedures for check-in and review of tasks.  As soon as project assignments and plans are agreed to, students will begin their work.  We will ask all work-study students to keep a record of the number of hours worked and a brief description for the activities completed.  (This information is helpful in staffing and planning future activities and program needs.)  Each month, students will submit their time sheets to the designed program manager with whom they are working.[1]

At the end of each term, the staff and the Operations Committee will reassess whether there are continuing activities that each work-study student may support and, based on that review, will decide which work study individuals and which opportunities will continue.

If you would like to learn more about the work-study program, please contact  a member of the administrative team.   If your interests and skills are applicable to the available opportunities, please submit a work-study application as early as possible.



[1] If students are not able to keep their work study commitments, we will ask for course fee reimburse, depending on the amount of the work study program completed.

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