Work Study at Washington Studio School

WSS is run by a small staff and dedicated volunteers. These community members volunteer three to six hours per week doing anything from sitting at the front desk to greeting visitors in the evenings to assisting with set-up and hospitality during public programs or events.

WSS offers a limited number of work-study opportunities each term, depending on the needs of the School. The work-study program encourages volunteerism and community involvement and is offered on a first-come first-served basis.

In exchange for these hours of volunteerism, a work-study student may enroll without charge in a 10-week class in exchange for 40 hours of unpaid work to be completed by the end of term in which s/he is participating in work-study. Alternatively, a student may complete 40 hours of unpaid work prior to the beginning of the term in which s/he wishes to enroll as a work-study student. Completion of the work will entitle the student to enroll in a 10-week class in a subsequent term.

Application Process:

  1. Requests to participate in work-study should be directed to the Managing Director, at laila[at] Applicants should provide a brief CV, two references and a cover letter indicating the type of work they seek, the times they are available and the class or type of class they wish to take. If a work-study applicant is a current student, h/she should also describe their relationship to and experience at WSS.
  2. Strong applicants will be interviewed by the Managing Director and if accepted into the program, will agree on a schedule and receive approval on the work-study exchange by the Artistic Director/Head of Faculty ahead of the beginning of the term in which a student wishes to enroll.

Applications are reviewed and interviewed several weeks prior to the beginning of a term (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). Applicants will be notified by phone or email of their status.

Work-study is available only for regular 10-week term classes. Drop-in Figure Drawing/Painting sessions, workshops and other special classes are excluded from work-study. Work-study students must demonstrate professionalism, reliability and accountability. Work-study students are expected to provide their own supplies for classes.

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