Washington Studio School offers 20 studio spaces (the Atelier) for working artists, student artists and faculty. Working in the Atelier at WSS provides artists a wonderful opportunity to work either alone or with other advanced artists, sharing models and still life set ups, critiquing each other’s work and discussing issues relating to art, if desired. For the Studio School, the Atelier provides a vital example of the art making process. Many of our atelier members are students in our certificate program or graduates who choose to continue to pursue their lifelong pursuit in creating art at WSS. Atelier members have 24-hour access to their space.

Requirements for Membership

There are two requirements for prospective Atelier Members:
(1) an approval of current Atelier members, and
(2) Recommendation of  at least two WSS faculty who will have reviewed the applicant’s work.


To find out more about our Atelier, available spaces, and to begin the application process, please contact our Atelier Representative Peggy Greene at or 202-309-2543 (cell).

Atelier Member Artists

Our members are comprised of student artists, faculty members and professional artists. Many show their works in local galleries, and also through their professional website. Please click on the artist’s link below to view a wonderful palette of exceptional works.

Jill Bateman, Paula Bruening, Mimi Coxson, Brenda Fox, Mary Freedman, Marie Gauthiez, Gail Goodman, Peggy Greene, Lynne Horning, Gail Jensen, Pat Kraniotis, Sally Levie, Michele Lurie, Stephen Milliken, Jill Phillips, Carol Rubin, Wendy Smith, Mitsuko Tsuchiya, Maria Uehara, Lynne Van Dyke, Gretchen Whitney.




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