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2023 Fall Term Supply Lists

WSS provides standardized supply lists for all Introduction / Intermediate Drawing and Painting classes. These lists are the same across all sections. Individual faculty members may request additional materials the first day of class.

Some classes and workshops have comprehensive supply lists for those who already own or want to purchase the materials. All faculty are flexible about working with students who have more limited or equivalent materials at hand. 

Intro Drawing_Spr23_All Sections.png
Introduction to Drawing: Vision and Skill; All Sections 1-5
Why You Must Keep a Sketchbook with Reem Bassous
Printmaking: Monotype into Drypoint with Brian Kelley
Exploring Watercolor with Paul Pietsch
young_int painting_vibrant light
Intermediate Painting: Vibrant Color and Light with Trevor Young
Beg Painting_Spr23_All Sections.png
Beginning Painting: Vision and Skill; All Sections 1-4
Sculpture + Drawing: Building in Space with Rachael Bohlander
Seeing Abstractly with Joren Lindholm
Copy of website image dimensions 1200 x 630 px-2.png
Methods, Materials and Tools with Milena Spasic
Bringing Light to the Night : Pastel with Trevor Young
The Contemporary Portrait: Drawing with Courtney Applequist
The Feeling in the Figure with Martin Campos
Painting: Simplification and Contrast with Joren Lindholm
Mastering the Figure in Paint_Spr23_Stover.png
Mastering the Figure in Paint with Samantha Stover
Bringing Light to the Night: Painting with Trevor Young
Copy of website image dimensions 1200 x 630 px.png
Intermediate Painting: Using References with Courtney Applequist
Int. Drawing_Spr23_All Sections.png
Intermediate Drawing: Next Steps with Mary Freedman
Beg. / Int. Drawing: A Contemporary Approach with Joren Lindholm
fig drawing stover 3
Figure Drawing; Sections 1, 2 with Samantha Stover
Young painting landscape.png
Painting the Landscape with Trevor Young
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