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A teaching artists conducts a painting demonstration of a live model in a classroom


Joren A. Lindholm is an artist, lecturer and educator whose painting focuses on perceptual abstraction and the kaleidoscopic juxtaposition of places and things. The son of a Tamil language professor, Lindholm lived in Hyde Park, Chicago and South India as a child. He went on to study with modernist landscape painter Lynette Lombard, and at the New York Studio School with influential teacher Mercedes Matter, both of whom helped him develop a breadth of skill in perceptual drawing and a rigor for spacial organization. In addition to his receiving an MFA from American University in 2004, he has been the recipient of the Milton Avery scholarship, the Beverly Creighton scholarship, and a Post Baccalaureate fellowship in art education from Knox College, Illinois. Lindholm currently lives and works in Washington, DC.; and exhibits in New York City as part of the Painting in New York Collective. To learn more about Joren visit,

An abstract painting of a flower
A drawing of the interior of an artists studio space
A whimsical red painting with different animals
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