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our atelier

Washington Studio School offers shared studio spaces (the “Atelier”) for current and former faculty, and professional artists who have studied at WSS.  The Atelier provides a wonderful opportunity to work independently and to interact with other artists, sharing models and still-lifes, critiques if wanted, and conversations about art. Many of the members are graduates of the Master Certificate Program.


A connection with the Washington Studio School in some way is preferred.  In addition, prospective Atelier members must:

(1) have the recommendation of two current Atelier members who have met and discussed the Atelier with the applicant, and;

(2) have the recommendation of a WSS faculty member who has reviewed the applicant’s work.




To learn more about the Atelier, please contact the Washington Studio School at 202-234-3030 or




Our current members include student artists, certificate students, faculty members, and professional artists who have studied at WSS.

Current Members: Leslie Cohen; Brenda Fox; Mary Freedman; Gail Goodman; Peggy Greene; Lynne Horning; Barbara Kraft; Sally Levie; Michele Lurie; Steve Milliken; Maria Uehara.


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