Our Supporters

Thank you to our generous donors, without whom our work would not be possible. Their support makes it possible for us to be a dynamic hub for the studio arts in the District. The following individuals, foundations, organizations and corporations sustained us and our community over the past year.


Anonymous (multiple)

Adah Rose Bitterbaum

Adrienne Danforth

Alexandra Knox

Anna Maria and Alejandro Leipold

Anne Salemme

Arlene Schler

Arcenio Martin Campos

Barbara Gerlach

Barbara Downs

Barbara Kraft and Peter Winkler

Barbara Sherwin

Blick Art Materials

Brenda Fox

Brian and Allayne Chappelle

Brian Kelley

Carlton Fletcher

Carol and Ken Rubin

Carol Blum and Marty Shwartz

Carole Grunberg and Claire Huschle

Cathy Whitaker

Christina Nelson

Courtney Applequist

David Dugoff and Victoria Bor

Debbie Schechtman

Debbie Sullivan

Devra Marcus and Michael Horowitz

Elena Strunk

Elizabeth Naab

Elizabeth Sullivan

Ellen Pechman

Emma Svoboda

Erica Mosher

Erin McCarthy

Fadia Jawdat

Freida Cheslow

Gage Opdenbrouw

Gail and Saul Goodman

Gail Grella

Gail Jensen

Gay Hannah

Gretchen Whitney

Guy Muncsh

Heather Paul

Helen West

Irene Walton

Jackie Greenbaum

Jane D’Arista

Jeffrey Denny

Jessica Wilson

Jill and Michael Phillips

Jill and Terry Bateman

Jo Weiss

Joan Burgess Shorey Family

Joanne Kaufman and Danny Waldman

John Cochran

Julie Egermayer

Joshua Joseph

Kia Penso

Karen and Dan Loehr

Karl Celarier

Katherine Van Sickle

Kathleen Jones

Kathryn Kailian

Kommon Denominator, Inc.

Kristine Roth

Laila Abdul-Hadi Jadallah

Laila Awar Shouhayib

Lara Fredrickson

Leah Flake

Lee Butler

Lee Smith

Leslie Ann Blackmon

Leslie Cohen

Lindsay Mullen and Amy Levin

Lucy Clark

Lynne and Joe Horning

Margaret Lenzner

Maria Uehara

Marina Schreiber

Marjorie (Peggy) Greene

Mary and Larry Freedman

Melissa Wyers

Michelle Keane

Michelle Lurie

Mitsuko Tsuchiya and Gerry Vogel

Nancy Tartt

Naomi and David Karp

Neal Johnson

Pamela Betts

Pamela Long

Pat Granados

Patricia Kraniotis

Paula Bruening

Philip Wolgin

Phyllis and Paul Ruffer

Raymond Plante

Roald Euller

Robert O’Brien

Rosalind S Helderman

Rosaline Moore

Sally and Richard Levie

Sara Jean Lindholm

Sessalie Gore

Sharapat and Eric Kessler

Sonia Kerzner

Stephen and Rebecca Milliken

Steven Kleinrock

Suzanne Shwetz

Teresa Jarzynski

Anne Beach and The Dealy Foundation, Inc.

The Meeker Rom Family Foundation

Tricia Garey

Virginia Schofield

Wendy Haimes Smith

Washington Studio School programs are supported in part by the Joan Burgess Shorey Legacy Fund.

Washington Studio School and its programs are supported in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.