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monochromatic painting of still life arrangement showing value

*special registration* Introduction to Painting A

Introduction to Painting A

Foundation Class - ðŸ–Œï¸

Instructor: Chinedu Osuchukwu

Saturdays, 10am-1pm, begins April 20

10 weeks, In-person / Room 3A



Introduction to Painting guides students who are interested in expanding their understanding of the properties of paint as they create paintings from observation. Students will learn to set up a palette, mix paint, and match color to a still-life setup. Students will also learn how to create an effective composition, taking into consideration the elements of design. It is recommended that students have taken Introduction to Drawing prior to taking this class. 


In this section of the painting, students will continue exploring various formal concerns in painting such as:


  • Seeing shape relationships

  • Seeing figure/ground relationships

  • Exploring color

  • Techniques for creating space; and

  • Compositional strategies 

  • Pushing paint;  deliberate mark-making

  • Developing language pertinent to painting to better discuss and critique work


Explaining the ABCs: You will notice that our Intro to Painting courses have either an “A”, “B” or “C” listed next to the title. That serves as a loose guide for students to take them in sequence. Start with A, move on to B, then C. These courses can be taken out of order, however it is recommended that they be taken in sequential order. 

A: This class is for those new to painting and are looking to expand their fundamental skills in seeing and painting before moving to the next level. It is always recommended that students have some drawing experience before beginning to paint.

If you are unsure if a class is right for you, please read our Pathway To Sucess: A Guide or have a conversation with a Faculty member or our Head of Faculty before the first week of the term comes to an end. Once the second week of classes starts, no refunds will be offered.


Please find our full refund policy linked here.


For 10-week courses, only withdrawals more than 14 days before the first day of class – 100% tuition refund*


A $25 administrative fee is applied to all refunds.


*If we can fill your spot, we will fully refund your tuition, less the administrative fee.

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