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Travel Painting – an Ultimate Guide 7/20

Travel Painting – an Ultimate Guide 7/20

SKU: 2024 Summer Stover Travel Painting

Travel Painting – an Ultimate Guide

All Levels

Instructor:  Samantha Stover

Saturday, 1-4pm, July 20

3 hours, In-person / Room 3A 



Travel Painting – an Ultimate Guide (1-day/3h Workshop) 


 “I am never alone when I have my sketchbook: it is my most loyal companion, a trusty diversion, and my visual memoir.”


Learn how to effectively consolidate your oil painting materials into a complete and compact kit!

In this workshop, we will prepare your sketchbook for on-the-go oil painting, as well as for other dry & wet sketching options. You will learn valuable tips and tricks for how to pack, shop abroad, sketch onsite, and transport wet oil paintings on a convenient, lightweight scale.

We will also tube and label your most essential oil paints for wanderlust alla-prima and urban paint sketching.


Materials List - Please bring these materials with you.

  • Watercolor sketchbook (size of your choice) Examples of what Samantha uses: Hahnemühle watercolor A5 or A6 (dark grey cover) and Global Arts Materials Handbook Travelogue Watercolor book (natural linen cover, red flower = 200g paper, blue flower = 300g paper - I prefer the heavier paper and the blue flower on cover).

  • 2oz plastic jar - preferably leakproof.  Nalgene is a good material to look for (Amazon, Container Store)

  • Gesso brush/primer brush

  • Small (very small) palette knife

  • Your most loved Oils (Including Earth colors (burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre, etc.)

  • Your favorite sketching materials (pencil, ballpoint pen, pastels, etc.)

  • Short handle paint brushes (one or two)

  • 1/4” or 1/2” drafting tape, painter's tape, artist's tape (low tack) (tape width should be proportional to the size of your sketchbook) 

  • Gloves 

  • Notebook (for taking notes)

If you are unsure if a class is right for you, please read our Pathway To Sucess: A Guide or have a conversation with a Faculty member or our Head of Faculty before the first week of the term comes to an end. Once the second week of classes starts, no refunds will be offered.


Please find our full refund policy linked here.


For Workshops, Artist Demos, and Short Classes (classes less than 10 weeks in duration) - only withdrawals more than 14 days before the first day of class – 100% tuition refund*


A $25 administrative fee is applied to all refunds.


*If we can fill your spot, we will fully refund your tuition, less the administrative fee.

Class is Full
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