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Lee Butler: Shape Shifts

Join us for the Opening Reception on Friday, May 12th, 6pm - 8pm.

Additional events:
First Friday ArtWalk Dupont, May 5th, 6pm - 8pm  
First Friday ArtWalk Dupont, June 2nd, 6pm - 8pm

Shape Shifts is open from May 5th to June 9th.

Artist Statement

I don't make a distinction between abstraction and representation. Both are always present in some measure. Looking at the living, moving world is crucial, but everything in a work starts with a few marks - which are always abstractions. Any decision to proceed towards creating a recognizable image is arbitrary -- a matter of curiosity about what I'm looking at, and about what another mark might help me see. Whether or not I make that decision, once a few marks are on the surface, they drive where the image goes, and what it suggests.


About the Artist

Lee Butler started his formal art study at the Corcoran in 1998, and took his first classes at Washington Studio School in 2005. Since his retirement from a career in nonprofit management in 2016, he has focused more intensively on his artistic practice and joined the WSS master certificate program in 2019. He has also served on the WSS Board and was its president from 2020 through 2022.

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