Virtual Drop-In Figure Drawing

WSS is thrilled to bring back our popular open drawing sessions organized in collaboration with the DC Art Model Collective (DCAMC).


Join WSS each Monday from 7 to 9 pm EST to see how satisfying it is to draw the model from the comfort of your home in a non-instructed but monitored setting. We encourage WSS students and practicing artists of all levels and from any location, to take advantage of these sessions. The sessions are open to the public (you do not need to be a registered WSS student to attend), though pre-registration is required in order to receive the Zoom link. Please register by 5 pm EST the day of the session to receive the link. 

Online Sessions are $14/each, and can be paid for by purchasing a single pass or 4-session Constant Creative pass by making a selection below. A Zoom link will be sent an hour before the session begins. 


WSS will honor those multiple session passes previously purchased for in-person sessions. Please email the with an image of your class pass and WSS will arrange for you to be able to join an online session. 


Varied short poses - drawing or painting

7-9 PM EST

Image by Erin Pedati.

Important Protocols and Etiquette for Zoom-based Figure Drawing Sessions: 

  1. Please mute yourself while the model is posing;

  2. No screenshots or photographs may be taken at any time during a session unless the model explicitly allows it. If permission is granted there is an additional charge for each screenshot to be paid directly to the model. Payment amount and method will be listed in the chat by the model on request. 


Our models are professional, this is their livelihood, and we trust that all participants will honor this protocol.