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For those of you who are eager to take an art class with us but need help figuring out where to start, this Pathway to Success will offer guidance. You are free to register for any class of your choice, however the information below is the recommendation of our Artistic Director and Faculty.

You will notice that many of our classes have icons and letters in their titles and descriptions. For our Foundation classes, you will see the delineation of A, B, C (such as Introduction to Painting). While they are all introductory-level classes and you may take them as best fits your schedule, they are meant to build on one another in sequence. We recommended that you take A prior to B and B prior to C.

You will also notice a 🖌️ icon. This icon indicates the difficulty level of a class. 

  • 🖌️equals an Introductory class 

  • 🖌️🖌️equals an Intermediate class

  • 🖌️🖌️🖌️ equals an Advanced class. 

Some classes might offer multiple levels and may be represented as 🖌️&🖌️🖌️, meaning, Intro/Intermediate. If a class is unmarked, that simply means that it is open to ALL LEVELS

It is HIGHLY recommended that you take an Introduction to Drawing class prior to most classes. In addition, Fundamentals of Design is a pivotal class in helping you understand the formal elements of art, design, and learning how to create a composition with integrity. These two classes may be taken simultaneously or one term apart. Both classes are required for Foundation certificate students.

Finally, this term offers various experimental classes, all meant to challenge and stimulate you. Sign up for one or multiple- they are so varied yet align pedagogically.

We look forward to welcoming you this coming Winter Term! 

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