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2024 Spring Term Supply Lists

Supply lists for classes that have them, will be uploaded here before the start of the next term. 

IMG_2635 edit.jpg
Botanical Immersion Workshop with Mary Fredman
Graphite: Small Scale, BIG Impact with Milena Spasic
Advanced Watercolor with Paul Pietsch
Advanced Painting LINDHOLM - WSS - winter 2024-1.jpg
Advance Painting with Joren Lindholm
The Emotive Figure with Jill Bateman 
The Portrait: The Human Condition with Reem Bassous
Introduction to Drawing, Egg 1.png
Introduction to Drawing: All Sections
While We Sleep final.jpg
Methods of Monotype with Joren Lindholm
Screenshot 2024-02-29 145812.png
Printmaking: Color Relief Prints with Brian Kelley
843^J JCDE^J 36x48.jpg
Intermediate Painting with Carol Rubin
unnamed (5).jpg
Intermediate Drawing - Exploring Tonality with Trevor Young 
Intermediate Drawing, Avatar.jpg
Intermediate Drawing with Reem Bassous
Introduction to Painting with Trevor Young 
Drawing from Sculpture with Rachael Bohlander
image_123650291 (1).JPG
Inspired by Matisse with Trevor Young
IMG_8653 (1).jpg
Figure Drawing with Samantha Stover 
Anatomy with William Fleishell
WSS provides standardized supply lists for all Introduction level Drawing and Painting classes.
These lists are the same across all sections
Some faculty members may request additional materials after the first day of class; they will supply these lists to students directly.

Some workshops have comprehensive supply lists for students who already have or want to purchase their own materials.

All faculty are flexible about working with students who have more limited or equivalent materials at hand. 
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