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2023 Supply Lists

WSS provides standardized supply lists for all Introduction / Intermediate Drawing and Painting classes. These lists are the same across all sections. Individual faculty members may request additional materials the first day of class.

Some classes and workshops have comprehensive supply lists for those who already own or want to purchase the materials. If no supply list is available on this page for a specific class or workshop, the instructor will either provide one during the first class or has no required set of supplies. All faculty realize that it is difficult to acquire many supplies at this time, and are flexible about working with students who have more limited or equivalent materials at hand. 

All students are encouraged to review the New Student Welcome Kit, Tips for Using Zoom and Creating an At-Home Studio, How to Paint Safely at Home, and How To Use Padlet documents below.

Group intro drawing_winter23_intro drawing.png
Introduction to Drawing -
Going Deeper with the Figure with Martin Campos
cityscape_Spr23_phillips 1
Cityscape Drawing with Jill Phillips
Exploring Watercolor with Paul Pietsch
Experimental Drawing with Joren Lindholm
ink wash_Spri23_osuchukwu
Ink Wash Drawing with Chinedu Osuchukwu
Padlet logo.jpg
How to Use Padlet
Int. Drawing_Spr23_All Sections.png
Intermediate Drawing -
PeopleinPlaces_Spr23_Campos 2.png
People in Places, Part 1 with Martin Campos
2023 Spring Term.1200x630.Images.png
Mastering the Figure in Paint with Samantha Stover
Landscape Painting: Thinking about Matisse with Trevor Young
Improv_Spr23_Phillips 1
Improvisation with Jill Phillips
mark_spr23_pumphrey 1
Exploration in Mark-making with KATIE PUMPHREY
general_winter23_beg painting.png
Painting - ALL SECTIONS 
Figure Drawing_Spr23_All Sections.png
Figure Drawing - ALL SECTIONS
The Face of Portraiture Today with Brian Kelley
IntPainting_Spr23_Young 1.png
Painting the Night with Trevor Young
Space as Material with Rachael Bohlander
2023 Spring Term.1200x630.Images.png
A Guide to Painting Safely at Home
IntPainting_Spr23_Young 2.png
Intermediate Painting - ALL SECTIONS
Figure in Place_Spr23_Featherstone.png
People in Places, Part 2 with Frances Featherstone
objectSpace_Spr23_Praybe 1.png
Object / Space with Ed Praybe
Drawing in Color: Bringing the Mood to the Night with Trevor Young
Seeing Abstractly with Joren Lindholm
Copy of WSS logo_color_stacked type_taglineB (1).jpg
The Basics: New Student Welcome Kit
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