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See and Be Seen: DC


WSS is pleased to present our 7th Annual Big Draw Day as part of the 2nd annual By The People festival presented by Halcyon. As a satellite venue, WSS organized an on-going art project, See and Be Seen: DC. Visitors participated in a live exhibition exploring perception, self-perception, voice, and identity through drawing and the written word by creating self-portraits  that were tacked onto the gallery walls throughout the day and summer months. What will emerge is a dynamic and democratic portrait of the city which celebrates the District and the diversity of those who inhabit it. Each self-portrait stands uniquely on its own, but as an exhibition reads as a powerful reflection and amalgam of DC's cultural and artistic diversity.  

This event is free and open for all. Be a part of this on-going installation and create a self-portrait to be added to the gallery through August 2! Self-portraits can be made from 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and during the Dupont Circle First Friday: Art Walk reception on August 2 from 6 to 8pm. 

WSS is pleased to be a co-sponsor and satellite partner of Halcyon's 2019 By The People Festival (June 15-23). Thank you to Blick Art Materials for sponsoring this year's program.



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