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Advanced Painting

Advanced Painting

SKU: 2024 Spring Lindholm Advanced Painting

Advanced Painting

Advanced - 🖌️🖌️🖌️

Instructor:  Joren Lindholm

Wednesdays, 10am - 1pm, begins April 17 

10 weeks, In-person / Room 3A    



Recognizing that even the most representational art is based on an abstract language, we explore the fertile possibilities that arise when one begins to see the world with different, more inventive eyes. This course will take our already-committed exploration of painting and extend it into new territories. The delicate balance required involves a broadening contextual analysis of one’s command of the formal language, as well as a refinement of individual sensibility as previously demonstrated. There is a continuum to abstraction – when starting from observation, it can be a simple result of choices made within one’s emphasis and editing, or it can be a significant re-ordering and restructuring of what is out there in reality. Wherever it falls on the spectrum, it is dependent on the same basic vocabulary of visual elements and principles employed, just configured in new and inventive ways. Critical analysis will focus on the formal mechanics of perceptual painting, and the benefits of working them from a standpoint of no attachment to, or pre-determination of, a painting’s resultant formulation. Attention will be paid to qualities in the work that distinguish and personalize one’s work.

Sessions will include historical subject matter, non-objective approaches, and practical demonstrations. There will be assigned readings and research to promote conceptual development. The course is ideal for students with enough painting knowledge at the intermediate level who are ready for a bigger challenge. 


Artwork Shown: Anne Harvey; ‘Studio Interior’; oil on canvas; 1957 (courtesy of Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects)

If you are unsure if a class is right for you, please read our Pathway To Sucess: A Guide or have a conversation with a Faculty member or our Head of Faculty before the first week of the term comes to an end. Once the second week of classes starts, no refunds will be offered.


Please find our full refund policy linked here.


For 10-week courses, only withdrawals more than 14 days before the first day of class – 100% tuition refund*


A $25 administrative fee is applied to all refunds.


*If we can fill your spot, we will fully refund your tuition, less the administrative fee.

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