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Art-related blogs and podcasts

Choose from a variety of blogs and podcasts to enjoy learning about artists, art, criticism and more as we are physically distant from each other. Each has its own focus and flavor, so find ones that resonate and dive in. Some are cutting edge, some are more traditional but there is something for everyone. 

Blogs and Online Magazines

Hyperallergic Art Joanne Mattera Art Blog

Painters on Painting artcritical

Raggedy Ann’s Foot Painting Perceptions

Slow Muse Colossal

Standard Interview BOOOOOOOM!

Steven Alexander Journal ARTnews Magazine

Structure and Imagery Art 21

Studio and Garden Art F City

Studio Critical Juxtapoz

Tamar Zinn Gorky’s Granddaughter

The Artblog Two Coats of Paint

Too Much Art Painters’ Table

Undercover Painter MW Capacity

Brainpickings Patterns That Connect

Pencil in the Studio Powers of Observation

Tilted Arc


Hyperallergic The Renaissance: A History of

What Artists Listen To Renaissance Art

Recording Artists 99% Invisible

Art Curious A Piece of Work

Artist Decoded Art Attack with Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA

Art Detective Bad at Sports

The Artist’s Voice The Lonely Palette

The Jealous Curator: ART FOR YOUR EAR The Sculptor’s Funeral

The Savvy painter Raw Material: A Podcast from SFMOMA

The Modern Art Notes Podcast Awaye

Suggested Donation In Other Words

Creative Caffeine: no agenda The ArtNewspaper Podcast

Sound and Vision Momus: The Podcast

National Portrait Gallery

Praxis Interview Magazine

The Conversation


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