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Model Protocol

Requesting a Model

Admin will send a model request Google form to instructors before the term starts.

You MUST fill this out and submit it before the term begins if you want models for your class. If you have specifications not included in the form, contact: Sheba at

Classes that are not specifically designed as figure drawing/painting courses are limited to five weeks with a model. If your needs exceed this limit, you must get approval from the AD/HoF and confirm with Admin.

You will be notified of your model schedule and model contact via Google calendar invite. Questions should be directed to: Sheba at

Classroom Etiquette

Please make sure your students are aware of the behavior expected of them when working with a model. These are posted in each classroom:

  • Models are working while they are posing, be respectful at all times.

  • Wait until the model has their robe on or is dressed before approaching to converse with them.

  • Do not touch the model or invade their personal space in any way.

  • Poses are determined by the model with input from the instructor. If the pose needs to be fixed/ readjusted, let the instructor know, and they will communicate with the model.

  • You must ask the model for consent before taking any reference photos of them. Typically, a small fee (paid directly to the model) is associated with photos as it is an additional service.

  • Students may take photos of their own work; however, they should not do so while the model is posing. This prevents any confusion of intent. Keep phones/cameras inactive and away while the model is posing.

  • Do not comment on the model’s body, appearance, or anatomy.


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